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Respira Infinity Scarf

Respira Infinity Scarf


When designing ‘Respira’ (Spanish for breathe), all I could do was reflect on the past two years with all the world has endured. The phrase “Respira Louis” (“breathe Louis”) kept ringing in my head many times throughout these past two years.  So often we get lost or “caught up” in life that we forget to take a moment to just simply pause and breathe.  Let us all remember to breathe deeply and exhale slowly when we are faced with life’s most difficult moments. 


Respira is a textured, chunky weight Infinity Scarf that incorporates mock cables (no cable needle needed J), bramble stitch edges, and a few eyelet rows. I hope you enjoy knitting this accessory as much as I enjoyed designing it for you!


This pattern is also in collaboration with fundraising efforts to help raise money for AIDS Lifecycle. For every pattern sold, I will donate $3 to the AIDS Lifecycle.  

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