Stephanie Jones


Stephanie Jones

Asylum Fibers

Stephanie Jones is the indie dyer behind NYC-based brand Asylum Fibers.  She moved to the city in 2011 after completing a Masters Degree in Opera Performance and now works as an HR Manager by day, and a dyer by night.  Stephanie first learned to knit and crochet as a child, but it only became a part of her daily life after she joined Meetup and met a whole community of crafters. 


Since then, she has taken countless classes, travelled to knitting hot spots, and regularly attends events like Vogue Knitting Live and Rhinebeck.  Through arranging her own Meetup group and teaching workshops, she was lead to her passion of dyeing.  The expressive creative outlet combined with a need for organization and repetition resonates for Stephanie, given her background in music. 


Asylum Fibers is best known for in-your-face, unapologetic colorways, but like Stephanie, the brand is in constant evolution.

Knitting Wolf
Luxury Yarns

Established as a result of not being able to find colorways and bases that I wanted to work with, Knitting Wolf Luxury Yarns offers hand dyed colorways that find their inspiration in the Earth elements: my colorways have rusts, golds, blues and greys, with greens and brown undertones.


I use only the most luxurious bases including Merino, Silk, Yak and Cashmere, resulting in a truly Yarngasmic experience. Monthly updates feature new, exclusive colorways in very limited quantities.


Visit today. Custom orders and wholesale inquiries welcomed

Johan Salvador

Johan's photography style has attracted clients from all industries including American made Fashion giants, Seven for all mankind, Elizabeth and James, LaRok, Patterson J Kincaid, and many others.


His commitment to commercial photography is stronger today, and now he produces product photography images for Cinc a Sept, Likely, La Bella Figura Beauty, and Joe's Je.  His commercial photography work has been featured in Vogue, Wellness Magazine, Bello Magazine, Women's Wear Daily among others.


He resides in Dallas TX where he operates a product photography and digital graphics studio. His free times is usually spent gardening and watering his ever-growing plant collection.




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